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I love skincare. I love everything about it. I remember buying antiwrinkle eye cream in highschool and washing my face morning and night religously. I have used hundreds upon hundreds of products and had elaborate skincare rituals.  I have simplified my routine as I have gotten older and narrowed my selection of favorites down.

My skin is sensitive, with a tendency to breakout when I was a teenager, and sometimes now around that lovely time of the month. I have had oily combination skin which has become more balanced in the last few years too, which is nice. That being said, I try to use products that are nourishing and hydrating since anything too harsh irritates my skin.

So here we go, for starters I wash with Cerave Hydrating Facial Cleanser, my absolute favorite cleanser. I do a double wash at night, so lather up, rinse a few times, and then lather up again and rinse until there is no residue left. Pat your face dry and apply a serum. My favorite serum right now is the BareMinerals Skinlongevity Vital Power Infusion Serum, when I wake up I feel like I always look refreshed when I use this, which is not the norm before this product. Next I follow with either jojoba oil or Cerave Skin Renewing Night Cream, that has been my winter go to for extreme moisture and preventing of flaky skin.

As for the morning, I have become a big believer in keeping my skin’s natural oils balanced by not washing my face in the morning.  Instead, I splash my face five to ten times with lukewarm water and pat my face dry.  I then follow up with my serum and jojoba oil for moisture and feel like this has kept my face less oily during the day. As I have gotten older I have been a big believer in less is more, and over washing is a bad thing for my skin.

There you have it, my skin care routine! Leave a comment with your favorite products, or if you have tried any of these.


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