Ashwagandha is an herb that has many amazing benefits to our health. Today what I was interested in was how to use it topically for skin and scalp. To start, let me give a little information about the herb. Ashwagandha is considered one of the most potent herbs in Ayuverdic practice and is known for its restorative properties. This herb is native to India and is a relative of the tomato family.

Interestingly, Ashwagandha is an adaptogenic herb, meaning it helps the body deal with stress, physically and emotionally. Adaptogenic herbs work with the body to bring it back into balance, for example if you have an over active or under active thyroid, it can improve both conditions by bringing either one in to balance. It is known as ‘Indian Ginseng’ because of its ability to improve stamina and relieve stress.

I am focusing on topical uses today, and will post about taking ashwagandha internally later. It supposedly it good for toning the skin when used topically. I bought mine from a great Ayurvedic online store, Banyan Botanicals, check them out!

Firstly, I tried ashwagandha powder mixed with rosewater to make a paste. I applied it to my face and let it dry completely. I loved the smell, it was a very comforting and reminded me of oatmeal. I then rinsed it off with warm water. My face felt refreshed and I immediately put on a moisturizing serum. I then inspected my face, the mask seemed to have loosened up my blackheads. I didn’t have my extracting tool, so I used a clean dry washcloth to in a sense dry brush the areas where my black heads were. I was pleasantly surprised that they came out relatively easily. Definitely will be doing this mask again.

My second use for it was a tablespoon of ashwagandha powder mixed with my shampoo. It formed a soft paste and I massaged my hair and scalp with it. I tried to have it on a total of 3 minutes. It rinsed out easily and left my scalp feeling clean. I had been looking for a way to exfoliate my scalp and this is great gentle exfoliator. I wouldn’t say it performed miracles but was pleased with the results and will do it again in the future.

Overall, I was happy with the results and am looking forward to seeing how ashwagandha works for me internally.

Let me know how it works for you!6082_Ashwagandha_XLarge_2_2

Ashwagandha For Your Skin

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