Natural Skincare Product Finds

I love finding new beauty products that work, and since I am on a mission to detox my skincare and makeup routine, it is great when I can replace a product I used to love with something that’s good for me.  I picked up a few of products the other day and these are the ones I love.

  1. Love By Herban Cowboy Lotion

This lotion has a wonderful scent, not too strong for me, and reminds me of a Victoria Secret lotion I used to like. It is vegan and has extracts of shiitake, licorice, chamomile, cucumber, carrot, seaweed and pea, along with olive oil, avocado oil and sunflower oil.  It is very light and absorbs quickly into the skin.  I generally like thicker lotions, but for a light lotion that adds a wonderful scent, this great.

  1. Alaffia Facial Cleanser Purifying Coconut

Extremely gentle cleanser, yet effective, I was looking for something to replace my Cerave cleanser and this is great.  It does not dry out the skin and has coffee berry extract, coconut oil, shea butter and reishi mushroom extract.  Bonus is that company pays fair wages, uses sustainable ingredients and funds empowerment projects in Africa such as reforestation and maternal care.

  1. Alaffia Day Cream Nourishing Coconut

This light day cream is not greasy or oily yet really moisturizes. The first three ingredients are kola extract, turmeric extract and coconut oil.  Will be a great summer moisturizer for me since it is so light.  So far, this company has yet to let me down.

  1. Aura Cacia Nourishing Cocoa Butter

I had no idea how hard cocoa butter was at room temperature.  I had to scrape the top to get some into my hand and soften it.  Once it was softened and, on my face,, it was worth it.  My skin felt silky and there was no oily residue.  Apply this after your moisturizer for the most benefit.

Let me know your favorite natural products!

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