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Makeup has been one of my many passions since middle school. I didn’t have a mother that wore makeup, but for some reason I was drawn to it. I have always been artistic and was fascinated with the art of changing one’s appearance. Fast forward to the age of Instagram and makeup influencers and tutorials. It’s a fun time in the makeup industry and also a great time to learn an art on your own easily.

I personally love makeup, in case you didn’t pick up on that, but have not always been thrilled with the selection in the less toxic makeup brands. I have some makeup favorites that I just couldn’t find good replacements for that were not full of nasty chemicals. So I started a journey to make them myself.

I have had a fun journey, researching, researching, researching, creating, experimenting, crafting, and using my knowledge of color to start my own makeup line. You can check it out here. I have many products to launch still so be patient. Single mom life seems to like to keep me busy. I would love for you to join me on my journey, you can follow me here on my blog, or my Instagram, @sarakaitlyn and for product updates, @shopzojabeauty. I am in the process of getting my setup for vlogs and showing my products, along with many other tips, DIY’s and reviews.

Thanks beauties!


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