This Method Of Washing Your Face Works

Have you heard of washing your face twice at night?  When I did, I didn’t believe it would be that drastically different.  Well, I was wrong.  I found out that doing a double face wash at night is very effective.  I actually do not wash my face in the morning, and still don’t.  I splash my face with cool water, give it some moisture if I need it, and then put on my sunscreen balm, then makeup and go!

I found that my skin looked better, my pores look smaller and it seems to get all the makeup off.  I will not go back to washing my face just once at night!  I do not wash my face in the morning still because I do not want to strip my skin of it’s natural oils, I do that at night and find my face gets oilier if I wash it in the morning and then put my moisturizer and makeup on.

My favorite face wash that is all natural and gentle on the skin right now is here.

Let me know what you think!

Xo Sara Kaitlyn

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