My Essential Oil Of The Week – Wrinkle Fighter, Pain Reducer

Have you ever heard of how beneficial CBD oil is? I guess firstly, have you heard of CBD oil? Well if you have and you know how beneficial it is for your body and skin, let me introduce you to BCP.

Beta-CaryoPhyllene is a compound in the essential oil Copaiba, at about 50-60% concentration. It interacts directly with your CB2 receptors, unlike CBD oil which reacts indirectly with them.

We all have CB1 and CB2 receptors in our body which are canniboid receptors in your body, the CB1 receptors are what THC reacts with in your body to get that ‘high’ feeling. CBD and BCP interacts with your CB2 receptors that are located mainly in the immune system but also in other tissues and helps with inflammation and pain.

Copaiba oil is a strong antioxidant derived from the resin of the copaiba tree. It supports your immune system, it helps with digestion, respiratory function and neurological function. It is much less expensive than CBD oil and at a much higher concentration naturally, about 50-60%, where as CBD oil typically has a concentration of 5-30%.

Now on to copaiba oil for your skin! This is one of my favorite parts about this amazing oil. Copaiba oil when taken internally and externally promotes clear skin and reduces wrinkles.

I have been taking copaiba oil, two drops, three times a day, and have seen and felt the difference. My joint pain is reduced, it gets rid of my headaches, and my skin seems to have a glow. My next step is to mix it with my facial lotion and try it topically.

Have you ever tried copaiba oil? Let me know!

xo Sara Kaitlyn



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