My Essential Oil Of The Week – Wrinkle Fighter, Pain Reducer

Have you ever heard of how beneficial CBD oil is? I guess firstly, have you heard of CBD oil? Well if you have and you know how beneficial it is for your body and skin, let me introduce you to BCP.

Beta-CaryoPhyllene is a compound in the essential oil Copaiba, at about 50-60% concentration. It interacts directly with your CB2 receptors, unlike CBD oil which reacts indirectly with them.

We all have CB1 and CB2 receptors in our body which are canniboid receptors in your body, the CB1 receptors are what THC reacts with in your body to get that ‘high’ feeling. CBD and BCP interacts with your CB2 receptors that are located mainly in the immune system but also in other tissues and helps with inflammation and pain.

Copaiba oil is a strong antioxidant derived from the resin of the copaiba tree. It supports your immune system, it helps with digestion, respiratory function and neurological function. It is much less expensive than CBD oil and at a much higher concentration naturally, about 50-60%, where as CBD oil typically has a concentration of 5-30%.

Now on to copaiba oil for your skin! This is one of my favorite parts about this amazing oil. Copaiba oil when taken internally and externally promotes clear skin and reduces wrinkles.

I have been taking copaiba oil, two drops, three times a day, and have seen and felt the difference. My joint pain is reduced, it gets rid of my headaches, and my skin seems to have a glow. My next step is to mix it with my facial lotion and try it topically.

Have you ever tried copaiba oil? Let me know!

xo Sara Kaitlyn



Why Young Living?

I am late to talk about this but I am so excited to share that I joined an amazing team with Young Living! For those of you that do not know what Young Living is, click here. So far, I love it. Not just the essential oils, but every product I have tried. I was very hesitant to try it, it seemed like a lot of money and then I had to place an order every month and that seemed like a lot too. Well, I now am excited every month for my order, and looking forward to spending the money on it.

There were many reasons for me joining Young Living, first of all, I am a health nut. I have always believed that health, inner beauty, outer beauty, intestinal wellness, mental health, taking care of yourself, etc., are all intertwined. I work with older people at my day job and you certainly notice which ones have cared for themselves and which ones haven’t.

So on my health and wellness journey, I have tried essential oils, and not been impressed. I must stress this, I never have thought much of essential oils. The ones I have gotten from the health food store have seem harsh, ineffective and not always pleasant smelling. The only way I can describe the essential oils from Young Living is that all of them have a very clean smell them, nothing funky going on. The best part though? Is that they are miracle oils. Yes, little bottles of miracles. Somewhat pricey miracles? Well after they perform miracles for you, they become worth it.

My biggest testament so far with Young Living is lavender. I have always read about how amazing lavender is, how beneficial it is and so on. Well the lavender I always got seemed to have a sweaty smell to it. It never worked on my skin and seemed harsh. So naturally when I opened my first box from Young Living, I had to go straight to the lavender, I needed proof that this was going to be better than what I had. It totally was. So not only did it smell 100% better, it healed my boyfriends spider bite right up, it reduced my daughters swelling from mosquito bites and helps with the itch. To top it all, no irritation.

There is so much that I love besides the lavender. I love their protein shakes, they taste like cake batter to me. I love the Thieves hard candy, it helps me when I feel like I have seasonal allergies coming on. I love their essential oil blends that help with upset stomachs and stress. The list is endless.

So you may wonder why I joined Young Living instead of doTerra. Well, I think they are both great companies. Some people think that one is better than the other, or get hung up on the fact there was a dispute between the two. Well, in my eyes, they are both good, competition is good for consumers and at the end of the day if you prefer one over the other then that is great. My reason for joining Young Living was the team I was offered to join. I have read that your success in network marketing has a lot to do with your team leaders. As soon as I read that I knew I wanted to join Ashley and Alex’s team. They are amazing! They provide training, resources for training on your own and are always available to help with questions or guidance. To have a group that has the organization, video training, and community they have created is amazing and helpful.

So now that I am just diving into the world of essential oils, stay tuned for the many ways to utilize them in your health and beauty routines.

If you are ever interested in learning more, feel free to contact me here!

xo Sara Kaitlyn


This Beauty Ingredient Isn’t Just For Your Necklace

Pearls are beautiful, fascinating gifts from nature. We string them on necklaces and wear them in our ears. These glistening gems of the sea are not just a fashion statement. Did you that they are excellent for your skin?

The benefits of pearls are many, they contain over 30 trace minerals, amino acids and conchiolin, which is a protein that hydrates and plumps the skin.

You can take pearl powder internally or apply it externally. It has been used for hundreds of years in China for skincare and medicine and also in Ayurvedic medicine. In ancient Egypt Cleopatra used it in her beauty regimen. So as you can see, it has been around for awhile.

I am about to try it internally, I am trying this one that I have heard good things about! I have incorporated pearl powder into my makeup line which you can find here :).

Let me know if you have tried pearl powder, or if there are any products you love that have it!

xo Sara Kaitlyn