My Essential Oil Of The Week – Wrinkle Fighter, Pain Reducer

Have you ever heard of how beneficial CBD oil is? I guess firstly, have you heard of CBD oil? Well if you have and you know how beneficial it is for your body and skin, let me introduce you to BCP.

Beta-CaryoPhyllene is a compound in the essential oil Copaiba, at about 50-60% concentration. It interacts directly with your CB2 receptors, unlike CBD oil which reacts indirectly with them.

We all have CB1 and CB2 receptors in our body which are canniboid receptors in your body, the CB1 receptors are what THC reacts with in your body to get that ‘high’ feeling. CBD and BCP interacts with your CB2 receptors that are located mainly in the immune system but also in other tissues and helps with inflammation and pain.

Copaiba oil is a strong antioxidant derived from the resin of the copaiba tree. It supports your immune system, it helps with digestion, respiratory function and neurological function. It is much less expensive than CBD oil and at a much higher concentration naturally, about 50-60%, where as CBD oil typically has a concentration of 5-30%.

Now on to copaiba oil for your skin! This is one of my favorite parts about this amazing oil. Copaiba oil when taken internally and externally promotes clear skin and reduces wrinkles.

I have been taking copaiba oil, two drops, three times a day, and have seen and felt the difference. My joint pain is reduced, it gets rid of my headaches, and my skin seems to have a glow. My next step is to mix it with my facial lotion and try it topically.

Have you ever tried copaiba oil? Let me know!

xo Sara Kaitlyn



This Beauty Ingredient Isn’t Just For Your Necklace

Pearls are beautiful, fascinating gifts from nature. We string them on necklaces and wear them in our ears. These glistening gems of the sea are not just a fashion statement. Did you that they are excellent for your skin?

The benefits of pearls are many, they contain over 30 trace minerals, amino acids and conchiolin, which is a protein that hydrates and plumps the skin.

You can take pearl powder internally or apply it externally. It has been used for hundreds of years in China for skincare and medicine and also in Ayurvedic medicine. In ancient Egypt Cleopatra used it in her beauty regimen. So as you can see, it has been around for awhile.

I am about to try it internally, I am trying this one that I have heard good things about! I have incorporated pearl powder into my makeup line which you can find here :).

Let me know if you have tried pearl powder, or if there are any products you love that have it!

xo Sara Kaitlyn

This Method Of Washing Your Face Works

Have you heard of washing your face twice at night?  When I did, I didn’t believe it would be that drastically different.  Well, I was wrong.  I found out that doing a double face wash at night is very effective.  I actually do not wash my face in the morning, and still don’t.  I splash my face with cool water, give it some moisture if I need it, and then put on my sunscreen balm, then makeup and go!

I found that my skin looked better, my pores look smaller and it seems to get all the makeup off.  I will not go back to washing my face just once at night!  I do not wash my face in the morning still because I do not want to strip my skin of it’s natural oils, I do that at night and find my face gets oilier if I wash it in the morning and then put my moisturizer and makeup on.

My favorite face wash that is all natural and gentle on the skin right now is here.

Let me know what you think!

Xo Sara Kaitlyn

Natural Skincare Product Finds

I love finding new beauty products that work, and since I am on a mission to detox my skincare and makeup routine, it is great when I can replace a product I used to love with something that’s good for me.  I picked up a few of products the other day and these are the ones I love.

  1. Love By Herban Cowboy Lotion

This lotion has a wonderful scent, not too strong for me, and reminds me of a Victoria Secret lotion I used to like. It is vegan and has extracts of shiitake, licorice, chamomile, cucumber, carrot, seaweed and pea, along with olive oil, avocado oil and sunflower oil.  It is very light and absorbs quickly into the skin.  I generally like thicker lotions, but for a light lotion that adds a wonderful scent, this great.

  1. Alaffia Facial Cleanser Purifying Coconut

Extremely gentle cleanser, yet effective, I was looking for something to replace my Cerave cleanser and this is great.  It does not dry out the skin and has coffee berry extract, coconut oil, shea butter and reishi mushroom extract.  Bonus is that company pays fair wages, uses sustainable ingredients and funds empowerment projects in Africa such as reforestation and maternal care.

  1. Alaffia Day Cream Nourishing Coconut

This light day cream is not greasy or oily yet really moisturizes. The first three ingredients are kola extract, turmeric extract and coconut oil.  Will be a great summer moisturizer for me since it is so light.  So far, this company has yet to let me down.

  1. Aura Cacia Nourishing Cocoa Butter

I had no idea how hard cocoa butter was at room temperature.  I had to scrape the top to get some into my hand and soften it.  Once it was softened and, on my face,, it was worth it.  My skin felt silky and there was no oily residue.  Apply this after your moisturizer for the most benefit.

Let me know your favorite natural products!